About Us

Jennifer Jackson Laila LondonABOUT LAILA LONDON Founder Jennifer Jackson quickly evolved into the business market with her company Laila London, thanks in part to her creative mentality and assiduous mentality. Jennifer's passion for natural skin care and biological care was passed on to her by her family. However, Jennifer was really inspired by her mother Josephine. Josephine shared traditional Jamaican recipes made from herbs with her daughter, which we always put strongly into our formulas today. Jennifer's love for travel, adventure and discovery have only fueled her search for the best organic and natural products.

This love and passion for all things organic led Jennifer to owe the gifted person she is today. Laila London is truly a family whose work is business oriented. Jennifer's son, Rashad White is the head of marketing, production and general operations and is currently developing his own brand of man care in the company and his men's beard care line named Hamilton Jackson. Jennifer's eldest son plays a big role in the company Laila London helping Rashad with marketing and production.

We can honestly say that without these strong family ties and without this positive motivation we brought to the company every day we would never have reached the level of success that we currently have today. All our products are soft, 100% natural, organic and contain food ingredients, Providing perfect nutrition and styling for all types of hair: dry, curly and highly textured.

Our products have all been formulated by Jennifer who prefers to spend unless hours creating natural products that are gentle, never tested on animals and are suitable for all skin types, ages and ethnicity.

♥ 100% Natural
♥ Handcrafted
♥ Fair Traded when possible
♥ Silicone Free
♥ Without sulphates
♥ Never tested on animals We are members of PETA
♥ Without parabens  

Become a Distributor We are pleased to work with quality retailers who would represent our brand at best. To become a distributor just fill out our online form. Our philosophy. In the company, our philosophy is to live as simply and naturally as possible.

We are convinced that chemicals can be replaced by the use of natural plants for example. In addition, we use for the packaging of our products, sustainable or recycled plastic.

At Laila London, we are trying to make a positive change in the world by creating a healthier, more sustainable future. We already have the results and see all the joy that our products and our hard and long work bring to our customers. Unlike most mass production companies of skin care, our products are handmade. This ensures high-quality ingredients in order to bring you effective and natural products that will keep your skin fresh, healthy and radiant in the long run. Our skin care formula will always consist of a mixture of high-quality ingredients to give your skin the best possible results, besides you can see the list of ingredients that contain each product at the bottom of each product sheet. We do not use any chemicals, dyes or additives, the aim being to use fewer ingredients but better quality than for commercially available products, in order to obtain a better result.

None of our products for skin or teeth contains synthetic products, artificial flavours, parabens or petroleum. Moreover, none of our products has been tested on animals. The promise we make to the environment, the planet and the one you are made to you We have long sought the natural beauty secrets of the planet. We have travelled and visited the countries with whom we have partners to ensure that the environment and the people we work with respect the planet. We do all this so that our customers can use genuine and natural products. Certified organic and therapeutic Certified without lead, without metal, without chemicals, preservatives, paraben, GMO, artificial colours and perfumes. Cruelty-Free Certified Ethically produced and handmade Environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging By investing in sustainable development, we aspire to support and support education.