Natural Organic Healing Calendula Balm



A 100% natural, soothing balm for adults and children Made with pure plant oils, herbs and nothing else.

Contains healing shea butter, organic beeswax old pressed and organic plant oils (including Rosehip, Jojoba and Sunflower) also contains a herbal infusion of botanical herbs all known for their healing powers.

This is a un-fragranced and does not contain essential oils.

•  Soothes, calms, hydrates and protects any skin in need of TLC.
•  Suitable for sensitive skin and problem skin.
•  Contains therapeutic herbs.
•  Suitable for body, face and eye area.


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    Robert Bean
    Balmy Comment

    I use this night and morning and am very pleased with the result

    Rashad White

    It worked very well for my daughter`s red skin on her face. It had a calming effect. She had eczema.
    (Eczema disappeared when we discovered she had vitamin D deficiency and when she started taking vit D supplement.)

    Amazing for eczema

    This is amazing...I recently developed eczema around eyelids that were so itchy and my skin was red and sore from where I had been rubbing so much, I tried various other creams and natural remedies as I knew the doctor would just prescribe me steroids which I didn't want. Was looking on Amazon and came across this cream and within a 3 days of use my eyes stopped itching and redness has gone down...great stuff.

    Hazel Goldberg
    Calendulas balm

    Lovely product

    Ricky - Amazon Customer
    Heals Wounds Overnight

    I chose this because as a natural health practitioner I know the value of Calendula.

    This product was even better than I expected. It healed minor wounds overnight and even my psoriasis is loving it. The psoriasis on my hands and feet is staying moisturised for longer with this product as usual, I am continually putting cream on it. Just one warning about using Calendula - it should not be used if there is a possibility of infection in a wound because it heals the skin so rapidly that the infection will stay inside. You will be able to feel this as on pressing where the open wound was you will feel a pricking sensation denoting infection. It would probably heal a clean ulcer very rapidly.

    The ingredients are the best for healing with no nasties and it smells lovely. It would make a great gift for a mum of a new baby as a nappy balm as well as for adults with dry skin.

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