Psoriasis and Eczema Body Balm 100% Natural and Organic

Psoriasis and Eczema balm help soothes dry, red, itchy eczema and psoriasis.  Apply a small amount to the affected area to calm and soothe skin, as often as needed. For best results. Continue to use for at least 3 months to prevent future outbreaks.
  • Safe, Natural, Organic - Made in the EU with lots of LOVE: When it comes to sensitive skin conditions, chemical-based products can cause further irritation. That’s why this balm features an expert blend of only natural ingredients. At Laila London, we strive to provide treatments that will help make your lives better!
  • 100% Natural Organic
  • Handcrafted Skincare
  • Water Free fully concentrated

Customer Reviews

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Has very similar ingredients to the blue tansy balm, feels great and looking forward to using it for my eczema


Having suffered with psoriasis for nearly 20 years ..iv tried so many treatment but this has been best so far made a very big difference to my psoriasis I can walk better (as iv suffered with extremely bad psoriasis on my feet) hoping this keeps working I highly recommend this product..

Charles S
Gradual healing

Seems to be working for me, it takes it time but it heals gradually.

Pete S
Best on the market

i purchased this Balm for my flared up eczema that i get behind my ears and on my neck. it made a huge difference within only a few days, no more itching and the flare up went away. absolutely the best product ever for eczema on the market.

Bex S

I don’t usually write reviews but after using this balm for a week I feel like I needed to. I suffer from pustular psoriasis on my hands and have had the biggest flare up I’ve ever had in the last few weeks. I was sick of using steroid creams that only work short term then as soon as I stop I get another flare up. This balm has been amazing already, doesn’t sting even on broken skin. It was a different consistency than I was expecting but you don’t need to use much at all, it goes a long way so good value for money! It has completely softened up the worst areas which were so thick they would crack and bleed. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone with eczema or psoriasis. Knowing that it’s completely herbal is great too, means I can apply it as and when I feel like I need it rather than ‘1-2 times a day’ that you get with a lot of topical creams. Thumbs up from me! :)

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