Laila London is an award-winning brand founded by Jennifer Jackson in 2013. Jennifer firmly believes in the benefits of using what mother nature has blessed us. Every product Laila London has created uses 100% natural plant-based, wildcrafted, organic, pure ingredients. All is water-free to prevent the need for preservatives and other chemicals.

Laila London can be credited for being an industry trailblazer in the beauty industry. They are one of the first companies to introduce beard oils, charcoal face masks, coffee and coconut body scrubs and last but not least, charcoal dental products to the market. Since then, many major corporations have implemented some of their trailblazing products.

Since British-born Jennifer was a child who suffered from Eczema, her Jamaican mother, a devout herbalist, always used botanical extracts to heal her and her siblings, so she's always known that herbs and natural ingredients hold power to heal.

Her core belief is that the earth contains everything necessary to heal the skin and body, and the right synergy can be found with diligent research. This core belief has been passed on to Jennifer's family.

Jennifer stepped down to pursue other projects but is a consultant to Laila London botanicals Ltd. Laila London is a small family-owned business that is run and operated by Rashad White, youngest son of Jennifer. All their products are made fresh daily and in small batches using the finest ingredients sourced ethically from around the world.