Pure Natural Ingredients 

All our products are made using the most effective ingredients in the world, after years of testing and research. We've also taken into consideration the opinions of our customers over the years, our product testers,  top dermatologists and aestheticians, and company founder Jennifer Jackson.  

If you’ve decided that it’s time to improve your skin you may wonder where to even start. There are a lot of options out there that promise skin improvement so how do you know what to trust?

When you look at a lot of these products you tend to find how chemical based they are and how many unnatural ingredients they contain. You want to have great skin but you want to also be smart about it by giving it something that’s clean and natural.

We believe that nature holds the key for most of our skin conditions and when put togehter it can be miraculous.   Depending on what you put on your skin 60%-70% is absorbed into your bloodstream, so we make it our duty to avoid controversial ingredients because we either know they're bad for you or suspect they might be.

3. Cosmetics legislation at EU level also: requires that all products to be marketed in the EU must be registered in the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) before being placed on the market. ... ensures that there is a ban on animal testing for cosmetic purposes. The EU Banned 1328 Chemicals from Cosmetics but the US Banned Only 30.  Laila London was born in London but now we manufacture our products in Portugal so we will remain under the EU guidelines.

4. We promise we will never compromise on ingredients and will make everything fresh, clean and toxic free.