The Beauty benefits of parsley:
Parsley is rich in vitamins and minerals, combined together it holds the key to amazing skincare properties to help improve overall health. Below are some of the benefits associated with parsley.

1) Acne: The herb has antibacterial properties that help fight bacteria that cause acne. Parsley can cleanse the skin and detoxify the body too.

2) Wrinkles: Parsley is a rich source of vitamin C that is responsible for the production of natural collagen. As we know, collagen irons out fine lines and wrinkles.

3) Reduce pore size: The vitamin C is also beneficial for nourishing the skin and closing pores. The increase in collagen reduces the size of the pores.

4) Scars: Consuming parsley increases the level of natural collagen which removes blemishes like dark spots and scars.

5) Smooth skin: This antioxidant, vitamin C is instrumental in naturally increasing repair and reproduction of the cell. This process helps enhance the skin and reduce skin problems.

6) Tired eyes: Vitamin A and C work together to ease out tired eyes and renew the cell growth to give you sharper-striking eyes.

7) Controls oil: The collagen produced from parsley helps regulate the production of oil on the skin.


Reference:   USDA