Botanica 33 serum is 100% natural, wild harvested and organic.  It contains 6 cold pressed oils including Marula, black seed and jojoba and 27 wild harvested herbs picked from all over the world at the correct time and season for its optimum benefit.  Botanica 33 is bottled in Swiss made Miron violet bottles to retain the freshness for longer than any other glass bottle on the market.

The transformative effects of the Botanica 33 Serum would not be possible without our proprietary herbal Infusion, that takes 4 - 5 weeks to extract into a powerful skin healing fusion.  It begins with some to the worlds most nutritious wild harvested ingredients like Calendula, Mulukhiyah which dates back to biblical times, moringa, gotu kola and yarrow.  These are the nutrients that will be absorbed into your skin. With so many benefits it can provide, below is some of the most notable:

  • Hydrates your skin
  • Antioxidant rich and packed with vitamins
  • Improves fine lines
  • Anti-aging
  • Uplifting
  • Brightens skin and combats skin fatigue
  • Helps control and improve acne

Just a few drops of this serum will also improve:

  • Elasticity
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Balancing
  • Renewal
  • Brightness
  • Cellular rejuvenation

It’s important to see how effective some of these ingredients are when it comes to improve your skin. Let’s look at three in particular:

Key Ingredients are superfood Egyptian Molokhia which was said to have been used by Cleopatra to retain her youthful glow.  It's packed with vitamin A, C and D.  It's also rich in magnesium which is important for boosting cell regrowth..

Galbanum - is another ancient ingredient that dates back to biblical times. It’s not a very well known ingredient but is an essential oil derived from tree sap. It’s known to be anti-aging and also has a lot of healing properties. Galbanum is anti-inflammatory and this is key for having incredible cell regeneration properties. It will also help stimulate your skin into producing new cells at a faster rate. If you have damaged skin it is perfect for you as it will help correct signs of premature aging and sun damage.

Gotu kola is rich in triternene saponins a compound that helps keep skin tighter and firmer—and is also a great source of phytonutrients called flavonoids that act as antioxidants and fight off free radical damage. It boosts the formation of collagen and skin tissue, which is crucial in maintaining the skin’s elasticity and youthful glow.