Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder 60ml (Fluoride-Free)


This Activated Charcoal Toothpowder is 100% natural and organic-rich in herbal antimicrobials, as well as trace minerals and calcium that is required to remineralize and make the enamel stronger The herbs are antimicrobial and stimulate circulation in your gums, while the calcium and trace minerals help to rebuild your tooth enamel.

Our toothpowders do not contain fluoride which not so long ago was used as an insecticide. Too much exposure can actually do more harm than good.  Not to scare but your teeth will actually begin to discolor and decay, not to mention that fluoride helps the brain absorb aluminum, a substance that has been found in most of the brains of Alzheimer”s patients.
Other studies have associated fluoride with hip fractures as well as musculoskeletal and nervous system damage, which leads to limited joint mobility, ligament calcification, muscular degeneration and neurological deficits.
  • Studies have shown that tooth powder can be more effective at removing plaque than toothpaste.
  • More Effective and Safer Than Strips, Gels & Other Tooth Whitening Kits That Can Strip Your Tooth Enamel 
  • The amazing and healthy ingredients bind to any strains and unwanted particles in your teeth and help remove them. They also remineralize from the outside in with the calcium.
  • NO SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS, colors, preservatives, foaming agents, artificial flavors and fluoride.
  • Calcium Carbonate provides clinically proven benefits with respect to rapid and lasting relief of dental hypersensitivity. It also aids in rebuilding enamel 
  • Laila London was the first company to introduce Activated Charcol Toothpowder to the EU market.

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