Laila London is an award-winning brand that was founded by Jennifer in 2013 she firmly believes in the benefits of using what nature has blessed us with.  Every product we've ever created is made using 100% natural plant-based, organic pure ingredients.  

Since British born Jennifer was a child her Jamaican mother a devout herbalist always used botanical extracts to heal her and her siblings so she's always known that herbs and natural ingredients hold the power to heal.  

Her core belief is that the earth contains everything necessary to heal the skin and body and with diligent research, the right synergy can be found.

    Laila London's mission is to create a company that is honest, transparent 100% natural, wildcrafted, clean and organic where possible.  With every product created is tried, tested, researched and formulated with love and dedication then the final step is to have it approved by a scientist under strict EU guidelines.  

    They manufacture all their products fresh daily and in small batches using the finest ingredients sourced ethically from around the world and many from Portugal where we are now based.